The Way of Bokashi

19 Nov

This Saturday, 11/21, WSB’s Ecoliteracy Coordinator, Michel Anderson, will be doing a workshop on Bokashi Composting at Brassicafest. Brassicafest is an annual celebration of plants in the brassica family (kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, etc.). The festival hosts food demos, speakers, and panel discussions, centered around food security and sustainability.

The Bokashi Composting workshop will happen at 10:45am. Brassicafest is located at Creative City Public Charter School: 2810 Shirley Ave, Baltimore, MD, which is only a few minutes away from the Waldorf School of Baltimore. WSB will be hosting its annual WALDORF FAIR on the same day! So swing by Brassicafest and then head over to WSB for some holiday fun and shopping.


WSB’s Growing Schoolyard

19 Oct

Next time you’re around check out some of WSB’s new schoolyard features!IMG_3983
Humble, cheap, and loads of fun, Straw Mountain is already a recess favorite. At only $2 a bale every schoolyard should be loaded with them. Straw bales are great in that students can create “straw pools,” pirate ship planks, and they can be rearranged into endless configurations.  Our 3rd grade class helped move and construct Straw Mountain during their Nature Study class.

Over the last couple of weeks during Forest Aftercare students have helped beautify the school grounds by spreading mulch around all the school’s trees, benches, and climbing boulders. The more students participate in beautifying the schoolyard the more they appreciate it and being outside.

Big thanks to the Baumgartner family for delivering the straw over the weekend. And another shout out to the Stancill family for donating the large mulch pile last spring that is slowing making its way around the schoolyard.

Introducing WSB’s New Forest Aftercare Program

5 Aug

DSC_6468Starting this school year WSB’s Aftercare Program will have some exciting new features….
In addition to his role as our Sustainability Coordinator and Nature Study teacher, Michel Anderson, will be our Forest Aftercare Coordinator. As the title implies, Mr. Anderson, will be taking our 1st – 8th grade aftercare students into the school’s adjacent forest everyday after school. Shelters and seating will be set up so they can go out in (almost) every weather condition. The program will be free in form, but students will have access to a variety of forest guides and nature-based activities. Though we will spend the afternoons exploring and observing the forest, homework time will still be available. As is typical at our school, please ensure that students come prepared to be outdoors in all weather conditions.

Waldorf School Aftercare Registration Deadline August 15
If you have not yet signed up for aftercare but plan to do so, aftercare registration is still open. To register, go to Aftercare Registration. If you already have an account for aftercare with TADS, just log in. Otherwise, create a new account. The registration deadline is August 15. After August 15, space can not be guaranteed and there is a $50 late registration fee.
Michel Anderson will coordinate the aftercare program and work with the older group of students. We welcome Melissa Montoya who will work with the younger group of students.

Reconsider Before You Litter

8 Jun

Summer is practically here! Be sure to check in within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our sustainability initiatives and you can find out how you can help out in the school garden this summer (and get free produce!).
For now . . . .  The 6th grade finished working on one of the storm drains today. Check it out!
WrapUp (1 of 16)

WrapUp (15 of 16)Note: We didn’t get photos of the entire process, but in various small groups the 6th grade students came out and worked on the project. During the next school year, we will be moving down the Tamarind Road hill (towards Cold Spring Lane) and working on more educational murals on the storm drains.

We’d like to thank Blue Water Baltimore and the Cold Spring Community Association for their continued support!

Help Needed: Summer Hens & Bamboo Poles

27 May

BlueberriesHello! Did you know that this year our Parents Association donated funds to help WSB purchase 16 blueberry bushes as well as a few thornless blackberry and raspberry plants? Next time you’re around be sure to check out the new blueberry grove near the willow tunnel. We got different varieties that bloom at the very beginning of June and the very end of August so our students should be able to enjoy them before and after summer break! We love blueberries, and, unfortunately, so do deer. We have the netting but we are in need of a bunch of bamboo poles that are about 5′ tall. Do you happen to have a rampant amount of bamboo growing in your yard?

WSB’s three hens, Gumball, Richard, and Darwin, are in need of a summer home! Might you be interested? WSB will supply you with plenty of food and straw (and even the coop if need be), and the hens will supply you with a summer full of fun and eggs. You need only to make sure they have food and water and plenty of space to peck about.

Please be in touch if you can help!
Contact: Michel Anderson.

Farm Trip 2015 – Part III

27 Apr

And one last round of photographs from our 3rd grade’s week a Hawthorne Valley Farm. For more information about the trip be sure to check out Part I.

Farm Trip 2015 – Part II

24 Apr

Here’s another round of photos from our 3rd grade’s week long trip to Hawthorne Valley Farm. Enjoy!


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