Reconsider Before You Litter

8 Jun

Summer is practically here! Be sure to check in within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our sustainability initiatives and you can find out how you can help out in the school garden this summer (and get free produce!).
For now . . . .  The 6th grade finished working on one of the storm drains today. Check it out!
WrapUp (1 of 16)

WrapUp (15 of 16)Note: We didn’t get photos of the entire process, but in various small groups the 6th grade students came out and worked on the project. During the next school year, we will be moving down the Tamarind Road hill (towards Cold Spring Lane) and working on more educational murals on the storm drains.

We’d like to thank Blue Water Baltimore and the Cold Spring Community Association for their continued support!

Help Needed: Summer Hens & Bamboo Poles

27 May

BlueberriesHello! Did you know that this year our Parents Association donated funds to help WSB purchase 16 blueberry bushes as well as a few thornless blackberry and raspberry plants? Next time you’re around be sure to check out the new blueberry grove near the willow tunnel. We got different varieties that bloom at the very beginning of June and the very end of August so our students should be able to enjoy them before and after summer break! We love blueberries, and, unfortunately, so do deer. We have the netting but we are in need of a bunch of bamboo poles that are about 5′ tall. Do you happen to have a rampant amount of bamboo growing in your yard?

WSB’s three hens, Gumball, Richard, and Darwin, are in need of a summer home! Might you be interested? WSB will supply you with plenty of food and straw (and even the coop if need be), and the hens will supply you with a summer full of fun and eggs. You need only to make sure they have food and water and plenty of space to peck about.

Please be in touch if you can help!
Contact: Michel Anderson.

Farm Trip 2015 – Part III

27 Apr

And one last round of photographs from our 3rd grade’s week a Hawthorne Valley Farm. For more information about the trip be sure to check out Part I.

Farm Trip 2015 – Part II

24 Apr

Here’s another round of photos from our 3rd grade’s week long trip to Hawthorne Valley Farm. Enjoy!

Farm Trip 2015 – Part I

23 Apr

Every year, WSB’s 3rd grade heads to Hawthorne Valley Farm for a week-long farm trip. This is has a been a tradition for over 30 years! In fact, Ms. Smith, the 3rd grade’s homeroom teacher, was last here when she was a 3rd grade student at WSB!
On the farm, students work hard and play hard. They’re involved in just about every facet of farm life — from cleaning out the mudroom and washing dishes to mucking out the dairy barn and chopping firewood. Please enjoy the photos below. We’re two days in with two more to go and plenty more to do!

Storm Drain Mural Project Underway!

10 Apr

Today our 6th & 7th grade students chalked out their proposed storm drain murals. Check them out in person on the front plaza! Below are some photographs. We will be submitting these images to Blue Water Baltimore to obtain a permit to install them permanently over storm drains along Tamarind Road. We have also inviting the Coldspring Community Association to visit in order to get their feedback. Click on the four thumbnails below to see each one enlarged and enjoy the slideshow of their creation!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Playground Archeological Dig! Primitive Tools & Chicken Gosip!

7 Apr

Next time you’re in the WSB schoolyard be sure to check out the sandpit. Students have been diligently excavating a giant rock (most likely from outer space). They have been requesting a crane of Mr. Williams, WSB Facility Manager, to finalize the project. (He’ll be getting on that next week.) Be warned: booby traps have been found around the job site!! ;-)

During recess, in the far corner of the garden, you will find a vibrant market place where chickens and students meet to discuss topics ranging from playground politics to buried treasure. Stone tools are also available for sale.


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