WSB Student Council Delivers Food & Toys to Paul’s Place

18 Dec

Below is a message authored (on a paper bag ;-) ) on Thursday Dec 18th by the members WSB’s Student Council while traveling to and from Paul’s Place in downtown Baltimore:

StudentCouncil-PaulsPlace-4We are now on the bus with Mr. Anderson heading towards Paul’s Place to drop off all of the food and toys our community has collected over the last few weeks. Thank you so much for your donations, they will help many families have a happy holiday season.
We just dropped of the food and had a tour of the facilities. We saw their many community resources… a kitchen, a computer lab, a clothing “store,” and met dedicated volunteers and social workers. We want to continue to support this unique and beneficial organization. When we return from our holiday break, we will have further conversations with Jayna Powell from Paul’s Place about how we can continue to help them with their mission to give the poverty-stricken people of Baltimore respect and dignity.
The Student Council

Below are photos of our trip:


4th Grade Visits the Zoo

17 Dec

Last week, Ms. Jerram’s 4th grade visited The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Highlights were the giraffe and monkey houses (and of course the giant tree slide), but the feature presentation was the phenomenal new penguin exhibit. Students spent a great deal of time studying and drawing the penguins. The trip was exceptionally exciting due to the surprise snow flurrying. Please enjoy these photos:

Holiday Food & Toy Drive

4 Dec

On Monday, Dec 1st WSB had the pleasure of hosting Jayna Powell from Paul’s Place. She came to speak to our middle school students about poverty in Baltimore City as well as the steps Paul’s Place is taking to combat it. She brought a series of photographs entitled “Faces of Hope” which tell the individual stories of Paul’s Place guests. Check them out — they are currently on display in the lobby and middle school classrooms. WSB is working with Paul’s Place this holiday season to help unsure our city’s residents in need have a wonderful and dignified holiday. Please consider donating to our Food & Toy Drive. It will be running until Dec 11th. Check out this list of the desired food and toys: Holiday2014 Food and Gift Shop
WSB will be explore a yearlong partnership with Paul’s Place. More info on that will be forthcoming.

And if you’d like to know more about Paul’s Place you can check out this 8 minute film below:

Honeybee Thanksgiving

24 Nov

The honey has finished dripping from the combs…. We now have a full gallon of precious honey! Today the 5th grade brought the WSBees the left overs. As I type, they are outside cleaning off (reclaiming) the honey from the crushed wax. They will gather and store it with the rest of their reserves for the winter. After a couple of days we will fetch the wax to use for craft projects. Check out photos of the WSBees’ early Thanksgiving meal.

WSBee Honey!

21 Nov

Today the 5th grade helped extract honey from honeycomb made by our very own honeybees. The honeycomb was carefully harvested last week. We only took a couple of bars to ensure the bees have plenty of honey to get them through the winter. Below are photos of the extraction process.

First the empty comb is cut off and placed into an empty bucket. Then (after thoroughly washing hands) the capped honeycomb is crushed. When its has been thoroughly pulverized (and fingers thoroughly licked), the wax & honey goop is poured into a strainer system. To build the straining system I went to a local brew shop, Nepenthe Homebrew, for food grade buckets, a spigot, and mesh strainer. I cut one of the buckets in half and lined and sandwiched the mesh between the two stacked buckets. The honey is then strained through the mesh which collects the wax. After a couple of slowing dripping days, we will bring the wax outside and place it near the hive so the honeybees can come out and clean off the remaining honey. It’s a pretty low tech system. This winter we will build a small solar oven so in the spring we can melt the wax down to make candles and lip balm!
Have a nice weekend!

WSB’s New Community Green Pages & Harvest Soup

13 Nov

Greetings! I’m pleased to announce that Green Dragon Bytes will now start to host various authors and a wider range of content. Not only will this blog continue to showcase the sustainability efforts of the Waldorf School of Baltimore, but it will now share information about sustainable living practices, permaculture design, community & service learning projects, seasonal recipes, green living household tips and life hacks, and city-wide green events. WSB’s Student Council and Green Dragon Action Team will be instrumental in providing new, fresh content . . . and YOU are also encouraged to contribute to the conversation. This invitation is not exclusive to the Waldorf School of Baltimore community — any reader is encouraged to contribute relevant content. Please contact Michel Anderson (manderson at twsb dot org) if you have something you would like to share.
To kick things off, Green Dragon Action Team member, Tia Thompson, shares her seasonally appropriate Harvest Soup recipe. Try it out this weekend!

Harvest Soup

1 c. green beansHarvest
1 med sweet onion
2 carrots
2 parsnips
1 med/large rutabaga
1/2c chopped fennel
2 granny smith apples (peel & chop)
3c. chicken or vegetable broth
1/4tsp cinnamon
1/4tsp nutmeg

Combine the above & bring to boil.
Cover & simmer for 40 minutes until tender.
Puree in blender or food processor till smooth.

Our Enhanced Schoolyard Plan is Taking Root!

7 Nov

Last week WSB’s 5th grade furthered our Enhanced Schoolyard Plan by getting the stones laid for a permaculture herb spiral. It’s not complete yet, but the initial, heavy steps have been conquered!

“The idea behind herb spirals is fairly simple: Building a circular bed with spiraled walls creates a collection of microclimates, with varying degrees of sun exposure, drainage, and the opportunity to separate bad companions and neighbor friendly plants. In a tiny space, less than six square meters, it’s possible to grow a variety of herbs that might otherwise have to be spread throughout a property. The herb spiral lets gardeners do it in one spot.” (from The Permaculture Research Institute)
Below is a diagram of what the herb spiral will look like when it’s completed this spring, and THIS printable PDF is a good guide to making your own herb spiral at home.
Herb-spiral-designIn other news, the Green Dragon Action Team meet up for their first meeting this last Wednesday. With their help, along with the dirty hands of our students and volunteer EcoCrew, WSB’s schoolyard is set to become a symbol of sustainable land stewardship for the Coldspring Community and beyond.


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