Earth Day 2020

Maybe a little late to the party, but to me every day is earth day!

On Earth Day I went out, to go on a nature picture safari, and I took pictures of my favorite wildflowers, that also play an important role in providing bees with food right as they start up their year:

Dandelion – scientific name Taraxacum – comes in two main branches: Taraxacum erythrospermum (red-seeded dandelion), and Taraxcum officinale. The red-seeded dandelion is what we mainly find in North America. Dandelion greens are edible, and so are its yellow flowers. They can be used to dye cookies, and other baked goods, and also make a wonderful yellow playdo if mixed into the dough.


Look for interesting links in one of the next Waldorf Weeklies.

Have a wonderful week

Maren Jung

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