On the importance of sit-spots

I have done sit-spots with a few of the nature studies classes. Mostly those have been guided. 5th grade had started working on nature journals, sitting in the forest observing, and noting their observations in their journals.

What is a sit-spot?

A sit-spot is a favorite place in nature to sit,  be still, listen, feel, smell, and look. As you become still, focusing on only one of the senses, you may start to notice things you have never seen before.

One of my favorite sit-spots is in my community garden, on a bench. This garden is surrounded by city situated as it is in the middle of Baltimore. And yet if you sit absolutely still you can notice a plethora of birds, from the birds of prey circling overhead to the sparrows, and finches twittering in the branches around you.

A sit-spot can last from a few minutes to as long as you like.

This can be practiced in a yard, on a deck, or even just at an open window in times of social distancing. In fact this is an excellent practice during social distancing. You are supposed to be alone, or in the case of a child or tween with an adult, but away from them.

Why is it so important to keep still every once in a while? Sitting still seems something we do a lot in today’s world. This is however not just sitting still. It is also reaching out with your senses, to come to your own quiet space. It is about noticing the small things, about finding solace in a hectic world. It is about making connections with nature.

Happy Week



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