Outward Bound Opportunity! Application Deadline: Feb 6

Below are the details for a great opportunity to have you WSB middle school student (or alumni) head out on a grand adventure! The application deadlines for the two programs are February 6th! If you are interested in having your student participate please contact Cate Mulvihill, WSB Director of Student Life, or Michel Anderson, WSB Ecoliteracy & Sustainability Coordinator. Either would be happy to help your student with the application. Additionally, Cate has participated in the Potomac River Educators’ Expedition this past August.
outwardEvery year, Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School gives 20 Maryland students, and a dozen educators, a once in a lifetime opportunity to push themselves to become tomorrow’s leaders. This exclusive cohort is selected to participate in an exciting and uniquely challenging wilderness expedition. It is sure to be an epic adventure which will build character and skills that today’s world demands.

Get Out And Lead (GOAL)
10-day backpacking and rock climbing expedition on the Appalachian Trail
For 12 students entering grades 7-9 (~age 12-14)

Youth Leadership Corps (YLC)
14-day backpacking and canoeing expedition in West Virginia
For 8 students entering grades 10-12 (~age 15-17)

When You Wish Upon a . . .

. . . Tulip! Last Friday the 1st grade students & I planted tulip bulbs around one of our garden’s trees. We sat in a circle and took turns making silent wishes and planting our very own bulb. Throughout the cold winter months ahead, we can wonder what color ours will be when it rises through the warm earth in Spring.

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Little Green Thumbs

I’ve taken on the practice of going outside at lunchtime and fiddling around in the school garden. My goal isn’t so much to accomplish much gardening this late in the season as much as it is to interact with the children and allow them to get their hands dirty. Without fail, everyday a few of them run up to me to see how they can help. Some days we weed or drag a few things to the compost, other days we just look for worms and other insects in the soil. Everyday is productive whether or not we actually get anything done.
Below are my vigilant 1st Grade composters, ever excited to lend me their helping hands.


Elephant Rock Expedition

Last week I accompanied the 2nd & 3rd Grade on a hike to find the “famous” Elephant Rock, which is actually two large boulders. None of the kids knew the origin of the name, but my guess is that it was dreamt up in the mind of a former, imaginative student many moons ago. The kids found salamanders, climbed trees, and listened to the creek. And I’m sure a few of them felt Elephant Rock moving beneath them as they mounted him and rode off into some enchanted kingdom only they can see.

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