Patterns in Nature/Nature Art

Whenever I go out for a walk, or to my yard I immediately start noticing patterns. The way certain plants grow in a circle for example, or the way rocks lay about on the ground.


Picture one shows a European plantain plant growing in my yard. Notice how the leaves grow around in a circle? Did you know the juice of a plantain leave will relieve mosquito bite itches? Try it out this summer! If a pesky mosquito bites you pick a plantain leaf, squish it up, and put the juice on the bite … Certainly very useful.

The other picture shows off my hosta, and my rose. Notice how the hosta leaves have white patterns around the borders? They also grow more or less in a circle.

After I made all those discoveries I set out to create some art with materials I found in my yard. This was a very calming and meditative activity for me.

1st and 2nd can look forward to similar activities in the coming weeks

nature art

Stay healthy and safe

Till next week


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