The cycle of life

We got sad news last week. Our chickens happily pecking away in their safe enclosure had become the dinner of some other creature. As is often the case we do not know exactly what happened.

They were happy chickens, loved and well cared for. They gave us many an egg in return, and at least me many hours of entertainment.

My favorite chicken memory is simply walking up to their run calling “Here chicky chicky” and see them run up to the fence in their funny looking, waddling chicken running style.

I will miss them.

I will also learn to love the inevitable new chickens I am certain will grace us with their eggs when school does not have to be remote anymore. They will not be Star, Peanut, Fluffy, and Midnight. No chicken will be able to replace them. They will be new chickens, with new names, new personalities, new quirks, likes, and dislikes.

The cycle will be complete.

Much Love


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