Signs of Spring

The distant learning moment I sent home to Nature Studies students the other week was to look for Signs of Spring. This inspired me to go on my own hunt to look for spring in my neighborhood. I went for a walk to my community garden.

On my way there I saw two trees: one in full bloom, and one just budding.

The blooming tree is a decorative cherry, and the curious buds sprouting directly from the stem and branches of the other tree let me know this is a redbud tree. It is native to the Eastern US.

Arriving in my community garden, I walked around to look for more signs of spring, and boy were they everywhere!

I found patches of clover, interspersed with chickweed, and deadnettle, as well as some violets right behind my garden beds, and other parts where dandelion, grew mixed up with more chickweed.

I find all this fresh green delightful. I have to admit Spring is my favorite season. It holds the promise of the growth, renewal, and hope for me.

Stay safe and healthy until next time

Maren Jung

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