Waldorf Makes the Most of Winter Weather

This week and last, Waldorf students displayed their resiliency by exploring the changes winter bestowed on the natural world. The key to enjoying nature, no matter the season, is appropriate clothing. A constant mantra in our Nature Studies and Forest After-School is:

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!”

Once we’re all bundled up, the exploring can begin. We  admire the outdoors not just with our eyes, but with all our senses. During the coldest days this week, we stayed inside, working on planting plans for spring, learning about the magic of spirals, and started to write letters to local organizations asking for their support. Here is what Sam in 5th Grade wrote:

“Dear ________________,

We are 5th graders at the Waldorf School of Baltimore, and in Nature Studies we are doing a final project because once in middle school we will not have Nature Studies class anymore. For our project we have adopted a small part of the woods to create a native garden. A couple goals of our project are to stop invasive plants, and to build our class legacy. We know it will be amazing when we’re finished. We would greatly appreciate if you could donate seeds, soil, etc. Thank you




Please stay tuned, as every week brings new adventures in Eco-literacy.


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