IMAGINE Where We’ll Go!


Our recent week at the Waldorf School of Baltimore has been filled with imaginative play and inclusive outdoor experiences. Some of our younger students in the Forest Program are excavating  ancient relics (or at least, interesting looking rocks) and preparing them for display in our Forest Program Museum of Odds and Ends.

Members of our Terracycle team are collecting recyclables and designing posters to better inform the student body.


Our Terracycle program is in partnership with MOM’s Organic Markets, if you’d like to know more, click here

Other students are participating in the “Urban Agriculture” elective class. Participants are growing sprouts, micro greens and lettuce as they explore some of the creative ways of growing food in unexpected places.

urban ag

I’ll sign off today with the words of Dakota, one of our 4th graders:

     “I love playing in the woods, and I like to draw and I like TO EAT!!!”



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