An Introduction.




The Waldorf School of Baltimore’s Sustainability program has been growing in incredible ways, and one of our goals in this new year is to do a much better job of sharing our successes, celebrations, and even missteps with you. WSB Sustainability hopes to add an important voice missing from our conversation- the sound of our future, brought to you by the students of our Waldorf school.

Each week  WSB Sustainability Blog will bring a new perspective from one of our students, as well as updates from our Forest Aftercare Program and new developments in our ongoing efforts to be (and share) our best selves in our community. 

The Forest Aftercare Program is also growing. We have three teachers working with our Sustainability Coordinator to offer a unique after-school experience. In every imaginable kind of weather, Ms. Brooks, Ms. Jung, and Ms. Ferguson wander into the forest to mentor and guide our students as they wonder at the growth around them, and puzzle at all the growth within themselves.


My name is Jason, this is my first year as Sustainability Coordinator at Waldorf School of Baltimore. I have  inherited a fantastic program from my predecessors, and have continued growing the “TerraCycle” Partnership with MOM’s Organic Markets. The Waldorf chickens are in good hands, since I also run a sustainable farm. This year we are introducing a Middle School elective on urban farming, working to secure grant funds for a *special* community project, and learning Nature Studies in the elementary grades.

As an avid hiker, I have a unique opportunity to overhear a broad range of people’s responses to nature. One way of thinking about our journey is as a means to a scenic end, but there are far greater opportunities for reflection here. While some monuments fail to live up to the hype, perhaps it is more beneficial if we look at them as milestones- moments in which our natural world demands we pause. Now, I’m inviting you to look at how far we’ve come together already, and help me search for clues to as to what might come next. As the impulse for reflection builds to resolve, we turn our eyes to the next leg of our journey.

Please check back frequently, every week brings new adventure!

Jason Reed

Sustainability Coordinator at Waldorf School of Baltimore


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