Switch to Wind Power & Support WSB!

CLCstamp_windpowerGreetings! With Spring just around the bend, WSB is proud to announce a new partnership with Clean Currents. Clean Currents is one of the leading green energy providers in our area, and together we will be encouraging you to take a few simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint and support domestic, clean energy sources at little or no extra cost. Emily Conrad is the head of Clean Currents outreach program, the Green Neighborhood Challenge, and will be visiting our school and doing educational demonstrations and activities with our students over the next 2 months. She will also be attending faculty and parent meetings to empower you to make the switch to renewable energy. (Fun Fact: Emily is also an alumna of the Washington Waldorf School in DC).

Over the next 60 days (until 5/5), for every household that switches to Clean Currents, and mentions “The Waldorf School of Baltimore,” we will receive $30 for our school garden program! Plus for every 20 households that sign up we will get a $500 bonus! 

Signing up is super easy. You don’t have to own a home, you just have to be in charge of paying your electricity bills.

Check out current rates and make the switch HERE:

  • No instillation or switching fees
  • Same dependable power to your home
  • Continue to receive just one utility bill
  • Fixed rates that are competitive or lower than what your current utility provider offers

Make sure to type in “Waldorf School of Baltimore” as your “Green Neighborhood Challenge group” when you enroll so we get the credit. If you have any questions, call Clean Currents at 301-754-0430 ext 3 or email gogreen@cleancurrents.com. One of our former blog posts also has a good amount of information laid out for you.

Thanks for reading!

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