Clean Currents: The Final Update

CLCstamp_windpowerJust a quick update regarding our Clean Currents campaign and fundraiser. . . .
In the end, our students successfully inspired 15 people to sign up for renewable, wind energy in their home. During this campaign we received $30 for every new signee. So these 15 people raised our school $450 for future sustainability and gardening projects! We were only 5 people away from getting that $500 bonus, but hopefully we can get it next time, as Clean Currents has agreed to do another campaign with us next year.
In the meantime, BGE rates are on the increase! And you still have time to lock in a lower rate while getting your home off of coal-based energy. Because of our efforts, Clean Currents has offered us an ongoing partnership! From here on out anyone that mentions WSB when they sign up will raise our school $15! So if you haven’t done it yet, you still can. A special THANK YOU goes out to the 15 people for making the switch! Our school and the world are better for it! 

Update: 6/15/13 – 3 more households signed up for Clean Currents and mentioned our school! Thank you for your support!

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