WSB’s 3rd Grade Visits Roseda Farm

This morning Ms. Smith’s 3rd Grade class visited Roseda Farm in Monkton, MD. Roseda Farm proudly uses sustainable, traditional, small scale practices to raise cattle for meat. The students got to see inside the barn, pet a two-hour-old calf, play with the farm dog, and climb straw-bales (and frozen compost piles). You can purchase Roseda Beef at their farm store (15317 Carroll Road, Monkton, MD 21111). Farm store hours are Tuesday – Friday 10 am. to 6 pm. and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Roseda beef can also be purchased online at

Please enjoy these photos of our visit below:

Compost Cab comes to Bmore

Compost%20Cab%20window%20sticker-thumb-200x200Exciting Baltimore News! If you live in either Charles Village or Canton and have the will to compost but not not the space, you can hire Compost Cab to come pick it up for you. Compost Cab is a Washington DC based company that has been in orperation since 2010. Owner, Jeremy Brosowsky, recently expanded his business into two Baltimore neighborhoods with more to come. The service cost $32 a month and after a while subscribers are eligibe to receive enriched soil — equivilant to 10% of what they have composted. To find out more click on the image above.