Camping Down South with the 4th Grade

Last week the 4th grade class went camping down at the southern tip of Maryland. We hiked, played, toured an oyster farm, played some more, beach bummed, ate well, slept well (mostly), and wrapped it all up with a tour of historic St. Mary’s City. It was a full 3 days…and nights! …on the last evening (at around 4:30am), a smelly visitor (skunk!) stopped by for some day-old, tent-stashed lunches. I think we all learned why Ms. Mulvihill peeks into everyones’ bags before they’re put in a tent. (A practice I will be taking on from here on out.) Ms. Skunk was especially interested in the girls’ tent, but she was no match for a football toss and emergency food evacuation.
Below is a slideshow of 80 photographs shown in chronological order. Enjoy!

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