Potatoes & Blueberries…YUM!

This week we did a little harvesting & planting in the garden….
The 4th grade had a good time digging up “Potato Mountain” to find that the seeds they planted 6 months ago became beautifully odd-shaped, potassium-rich nuggets.

And the 3rd grade helped me plant 2 blueberry shrubs, a gift from Mr. Hamilton of Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm. We won’t be seeing much action from them for the next few seasons but will be looking forward to munching on their delicious fruit for many years to come. Thanks again, Hybridoma!

Have a wonderful weekend!

WSB’s 3 Grade & the Organic Fruit Farm

130290250924.131.255.120Today, I had the pleasure of accompanying Ms. Jerram & WSB’s 3rd grade class on a trip to Hybridoma Organic Fruit Farm. The weather was beautiful, with heavy, sliver-laced storm clouds floating rapidly overhead. The students picked raspberries and apples, climbed some farm equipment, and learned about Mr. Hamilton’s impressive solar array. We left munching on organic apples and got back to school just before the heavy rain began to fall. Mr. Hamilton was kind enough to donated two blueberry plants to our school which we will plant later on this week. You can visit Hybridoma Farm and pick your own organic fruits from Mid-June thru August on Wednesdays & Saturdays. (It’s only about 20 miles north of Baltimore City. Click on the image above for more information.) Below are photos of our trip. Enjoy. . . .

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