Our Waldorf Fair was Zero-Waste!

CompostStationSignOur Waldorf Fair was last weekend, and I’m happy to report that practically everything used for food & drink was successfully composted. All of your plates, forks, and cups, will be broken down into nutritious compost. The Waldorf School of Baltimore would like to thank Waste Neutral for taking care of us this year — they came yesterday to pick it all up and did so as a gift to the school. And the school would also like to thank all of you, fine readers & attendees, for disposing of everything properly and helping us host a zero-waste event!

Sustainability Wish List

bokashi-compost-teaGreetings! We are the hunt for a couple items to help out with our school’s composting project. In order for the students to see the composting process we are looking for large, clear, air-tight containers (like the ones that pretzels and snack foods come in). We need eight of them — one for each classroom. So if you have one please send it in with your child. The other item we hope is collecting dust in your basement a working aquarium air pump. This will be used by the students to make bokashi compost tea — a powerful and natural fertilizer. In the interested of keeping our carbon footprint low, we’re hoping these items are floating around the community so we can avoid buy new ones. Thank you for your support!