Introducing the Birthday Egg

IMG_0955We are excited to announce that starting in 2014 all of our elementary students will receive a Birthday Egg. On their special day, students will come home with a permission slip for parents to sign and return to school. Then, upon parental approval, the student will receive a fresh egg from one of our lovely hens (Gumball, Richard, or Darwin). Please return the container to school the next day.
Above is a photo of our first student to receive a Birthday Egg. In truth, she was the impetus behind this grand idea — and I was very happy to oblige her. Below is a photo of Gumball enjoying some watermelon — yes, Birthday Eggs taste very, very good.
Along with our students, our chickens have grown so much over the last year. I’ll be posting a little slideshow soon that documents their presence at our school.
Oh… and worry not, if your child was born in the summer, we will make birthday eggs available to them in late spring before school lets out — just let Mr. Anderson know you would like your child to participate. Stay warm.

Introducing the Chicken Ark

a72835fe6f25fd3Greetings! Today I spent cutting all the wood for WSB’s Chicken Ark that I will be assembling with a team of students next week.
Below are some photos of me working on the ark along with pictures of the 4 chicks the students and I will be building it for. Right now they are being cared for by the 2nd & 3rd grade students. Pay them a visit next time you’re by.

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