Charm City Farm & Garden Tour 2013

cropped-greenhousegreenery-copyThis coming Sunday, August 18th, you can tour Baltimore City Community Gardens & Urban Farms!
The bus tour leaves from Vollmer Center in the Cylburn Arboretum at 11am. Tickets are $20.

To reserve your seat, RSVP to:
If you’re interested there is also a bike tour leaving at 8am from Patterson Park. Tickets for that tour are $15.
After all the touring, everyone will re-converge at Cylburn for a potluck picnic.

For more details visit this site:

Enjoy the final weeks of summer!

The Honeybees are Back!

Actually, not quite, but they will be in the next few days. This week I was able to procure a new horizontal, top-bar hive from Baltimore Honey. WSB hosted honeybees from Baltimore Honey on our property before, but this time WE ARE THE BEE GUARDIANS.
I spent the last couple of days painting the new hive (with low VOC paint) and setting it into place. Each of the 4 steel legs had to be buried about 20″ down (which if you’ve dug into our stoney land before, you would know is a rather humbling task). The bees will be delivered sometime between now and Tuesday. Here are some photos of the new hive placed by the top of the driveway:

Last winter I took Baltimore Honey’s Bee Stewardship Workshop — and I’m very excited to be working with a holistic approach to beekeeping and sharing it with our students and community. If you’re interested, watch this 6 minute excerpt from a film by the Bee Guardians at Back Yard Hive:

Garden Wall Update: Part 2

After 5 days of intense sun and sweat the new garden wall is practically finished. Hank & I are very pleased with the results. I must say, I’m humbled by Hank’s enthusiasm and strength and will consider myself lucky if I have half his energy when I’m his age. It has been a real treat working with him on this project. Stop by sometime to check it out…but until then:

Garden Wall Update

The trench is almost done. Yesterday I dug out 50′ of the 60′. Today I will have to move a 10′ strip of marigolds back about 20″. If you’re available between 3:30pm and 5:30pm come on by — it shouldn’t take too long. And remember, there’s always weeding and fun things to explore in the garden if you bring your WSB student.

Garden Wall Work Day

IMG_0288Hello! We’ll be prepping the school garden for a new stone wall this Wednesday & Thursday (7/10-7/11) from 4pm-8pm. To prepare for laying the stones we need a 60′ long trench that is 14″wide and 12″ deep. We only need about 6 adults to help with this project. If you’re interested please email Michel at manderson at twsb dot org. If you bring your child, there’s work in the garden for them to do — I’d like to prepare a site for a strawberry patch and blueberry bush! The school will be providing pizza. Be in touch!

Garden Party Tomorrow!

This just in! The 2nd Grade will be hosting a Garden Party at 5:30pm tomorrow. It’s a potluck! So come do some weeding and get some vegetables for July 4th weekend! The garden is popping. Just yesterday I went home with a big bag full of greens. There are a ton of broccoli leaves; and if you haven’t tried them, you should — they’re packed with more vitamin A than the florets.

In other news, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve set up an automatic watering system for the garden and willow tunnel, and built a wine cap mushroom grove out of the wood chips generated from building the new playhouse! The students will have a bounty of gourmet mushrooms to harvest come fall! I’ll post pictures soon. Also, in the next few weeks we will be building another stone wall for the garden pathway…more info to come.

I’ll be around tomorrow at 3pm (7/3). There are wondrous things going on in the garden – so bring your child out and get dirty!

Here are some photos of what’s happening! Enjoy…


Below is an urgent message & petition from Baltimore Free Farm. Please sign & pass it along. . . .

These seedlings will be planted in the garden soon!Over the last several years, Baltimore Free Farm has provided a community garden space for people to grow food, held educational workshops and cultural events, maintained a community tool bank, organized trash clean ups, and distributed free reclaimed and farm-grown food on a weekly basis (2500 lbs in the last two months alone!). Unfortunately, part of the land we’ve been farming is now currently up for bid by the city and is under the threat of development. We are gathering community support to show the Department of Housing and Community Development and Baltimore City that the lots in question (1522 & 1524 Baldwin St) should be sold to us, Baltimore Free Farm, and protected as a green space.

You can help save these lots by signing our petition by Sunday, June 16th.  Click on the link below: