Forest Clean Up Day

First grade nature studies did a forest clean up day. Before we headed out, we had a brief discussion in the classroom about what, how, and why we were doing this.

First grade got it right away!!

“Oh I know, we are doing this to help the earth!” “Yes! And the forest, and the animals!” “Can we also pick up glass?” “How can we pick up glass? You can’t use your hands!”

Good thing there were work gloves for everyone.

Fortified with gloves, and trash bags we headed out to see how much we can clean up.

After 40min we had filled a big trash bag with plastic bags, styrofoam containers, glass bottles, old metal parts, one fox poop, and lots and lots of glass pieces. We also found an old tire, but decided to leave it, because it could not fit in the trash bag. We thought it might get turned into a play thing.

1st grade had fun, and the woods are little cleaner 🙂

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