Forest Explorers, outside and inside

rope swing

The Forest Explorers have been exploring a new part of the area around the school. It is a little walk away. It has a rain water overflow, functioning as a pond for chucking rocks after it has rained. It also has plenty of trees, and rocks to explore.

The children have really been into swinging lately, and the new area does not have very many vines to swing from so we made a swing from a piece of rope. This also makes it easier to swing for children who are not tall enough, or strong enough yet to use a swing in the woods.


Sometimes when it gets very rainy, or too cold, or late and thus dark we hang out in the school building in one of the children’s garden classrooms.

We offer activities for children. That day someone gave us a big, empty box. The children decorated it with crayons, and then used it to play with.

A box can take the imagination so many places.

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