Skunk … Cabbage

4th grade nature studies class went on a nature walk the other day. Those walks often end at a place we all call Elephant Rock, two big boulders in an area that also has a little brook further down.

That day we did not stop at Elephant Rock, but decided to explore further down, along the brook.

Excited two 4th grades called me over. “You HAVE to see this!!!”, “Yeah, it looks so weird.”

They had found skunk cabbage. There is a whole field growing in the wet, muddy land at the bottom of the creek, near the brook.

Symplocarpus foetidus, commonly known as skunk cabbage or eastern skunk cabbage, is a low growing plant that grows in wetlands and moist hill slopes of eastern North America. Bruised leaves present a fragrance reminiscent of skunk. (Wikipedea)

Much to everyone’s surprise there are actually parts of this plant you can eat.

Below is some more info on skunk cabbage.

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