Working as a team/Winter fun

chain 1

Free play in 1st grade nature studies turned into a wonderful opportunity for team building and team work.Part of the class had decided to climb up a steep incline. A few of the children were already on top, a few were still down at the bottom. They very quickly figured out that one person could not reach down to help friends up, because their arms were not long enough. They tried using a stick, to pull friends up but this was deemed to impractical. After a short meeting, and a call for help to more class mates they came up with the solution to use the conveniently placed metal pole to anchor themselves for a chain. This way they could pull up the friends in need of help down below.

It was truly a wonder to watch this process in action.

ac snow 1

On Tuesday we had the first snowfall sticking this year. It started around noontime, and by around 3pm had turned into a nice snowy afternoon.

The Forest Explorers had a lot of fun playing in and with what snow was on the ground at that time.

Nothing can stop you when you’re wearing the right kind of gear 🙂

Welcome back to school, and Happy New Year.


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