Rain, rain, come and stay, all the children want to play

We have had a couple of rainy afternoons. The kiddos had so much fun playing in the mud, and splashing in puddles. We measured how deep our boots sank into the puddles. We made mud balls, and mud cakes, and potions. We figured out how much water is too much in a bucket (when it runs over). We slid down a muddy hill (sorry, didn’t catch any pics of that, but it was epic).


One of the most frequently asked question about my work here is: Do you really go out with the children in all kinds of weather?

My answer is always: Yes! We do!

There are so many reasons for being out, and playing in the rain! There is the joy of being in nature, navigating slippery terrain (trains gross-motor skills), engaging all senses, a sense for the impact of weather on nature, and on us.

“The experience of playing outdoors in the rain helps children learn to test slippery paths before stepping on them, avoid deep puddles and take advantage of more shallow puddles, and keep their balance in different types of shoes. Learn through their senses.”

This is from an excellent article by Sheila Williams-Ridge I found on the free forest school website. You can access the full article below.


Wishing you Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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