Forest Explorers at Work

In the past weeks the forest explorers have been doing some exploring of new areas!

On one of our walks we discovered an area with a vine, perfect for swinging!

As we were walking, one of our intrepid explorers turned around, announcing “Now I get it!! We are Forest Explorers, not Playground Explorers!! Yay, we are exploring the forest. Come, let’s keep going!”

It is so wonderful observing the children making connection with nature, and each other.

Ah, and what better way to foster wonder. We wondered a lot that day. What lay behind the next hill? Where is a good place to rest? How will we find our way back? Can we use the vine for swinging? Where do the deer go? Who ate all the acorns, and buckeyes?

Wonder abounds, and one question always leads to another.

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