Forest Explorers

Hello all, and welcome to the first Green Dragon Bytes Blog in the 2019/2020 school year. We started in September with a few changes. The director position is now filled by Maren Jung.


She worked in the Forest Explorers Afterschool Program as an assistant last year, together with Aliyah Brooks, who is still working as an assistant for the Forest Explorers.


Our new faces are Kerron Webb, and Shaina Steiner, both are working with the elementary age children.



Introducing Bread Fridays

In accordance with plans we made last year to introduce more self-made snacks we are going to bake bread with the children’s garden Forest Explorers group. The recipe, and materials used are the same the Children’s Garden Morning Program uses.

The Children’s Garden Forest Explorers are baking bread!


Taking the bread to the kitchen


A bread snake


Octopus, Hands, and few bird feet breads.


Especially delicious if eaten outside.


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