Made With Love

The Forest Aftercare Program at Waldorf School of Baltimore is always looking for ways to let our students know how much we care for them and their well-being. One way that we do this is to have our teachers prepare healthy homemade snacks. Our “Forest Program Cookbook” is ever-changing as we add new recipes and as old favorites are met with “Do you really expect me to eat this, AGAIN” stares.

Our incredible staff of teachers make pickles, carrot crackers, beet chips, no bake granola, popcorn and more. Throughout the year, we do our best to focus on seasonal ingredients. We always have allergen-free options available, and the entire team works very hard to be sure we are serving the safest, and tastiest snacks possible. They can be a tough crowd to please, but eating freshly prepared snacks makes our students happier and healthier, and keeps our program focused on what really matters.


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