Working together…


…doesn’t really feel like work!

After our school day ends, Waldorf students have the opportunity to spend their next 3 hours in the Forest Program. An concept that originated in Scandanavia, Forest Schools guide their pupils through positive interactions with nature year-round. Whether we’re building shelters, swinging on vines, learning to identify trees and bird calls, or just relaxing in the woods, our group is constantly developing the concepts of cooperation, teamwork, kindness, and self-care.


Spending so much time throughout the year connecting with a natural space has a profound impact on a human being’s concept of time, of self, and of responsibility to a larger whole. These are not lessons that need to be introduced at the beginning of each day, their development happens naturally along with the growth and development of our special group of pre-K to 8th Grade Forest Program students.

If you are curious about Forest Schools, or our program specifically, please feel free to contact the Forest Program coordinator, Jason Reed, at

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