Changing Horizons

Recently, it has become clear that it is time for me to make a career change from the front lines of teaching to behind the scenes. It’s a message tinged with sadness, as I have been walking the path of becoming that is the educator’s path for quite some time. But, when things are clear, they just are as they are, and it is time for me to begin my transition to being in a different role.  The unique first-hand experience offered through the Nature Studies teaching position has primed my trajectory, and although I do not yet know where I will land, I do know that my decision will be informed by fond memories of connection in this amazing community we have built together.  I look forward to lending my energy to an organization whose mission continues the work that I have been engaged in here at WSB.

In the last two years, we’ve built on what came before and continued our commitment to being green by becoming re-certified as a Green School, continuing to cement aspects of our unique green Nature Studies curriculum, and improving our gardens and outdoor classrooms.  We’ve got busy bees again, adorable little chicks, and energized green spaces. For me, getting to know the students and seeing first-hand the abject joy they experience in the woods has been a pleasure and a sustaining gift. From this vantage point, I feel that I cannot overstate the importance of their relationship with our woods. The continuation of this connection is of utmost importance to me, and it is my intention to pave the way for my successor with all the information I have gathered and the tricks I have learned.  I am deeply grateful to WSB for providing me the time, space, and trust to help in facilitating this transition.  Many thanks, to all, who have contributed to our green initiatives by dealing with muddy clothes and keeping track of myriad little pieces of gear. The woods are worth it, but you don’t have to ask me, ask the students. They have within them experiences that bring forth words that speak more convincingly than I. And, please don’t forget how important the woods can be to you, too. A weekly or even monthly practice of spending some time in the trees will have a ripple effect in your life, that I can promise.

In gratitude, Becka


One thought on “Changing Horizons

  1. Dear Becka,
    I am so sad to see you departing after just two years at WSB … two rich years of growth and inspiration. Thank you for all you contributed to the Nature Studies Program and community life at the school.
    Best wishes for joy and fulfillment in your next adventure!

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