No Planning Necessary: Snow!

Tired of planning activities all the time? Well, look no further. There is no need to plan an activity on a snowy day. Let the snow be your activity. On this snowy day, I will allow the students to remind you that snow is just so magical by itself. Just get out there and savor it.

In the photos below students of all ages are overjoyed on a Friday to be out in the falling snow. It doesn’t even matter that it is barely accumulating. The energetics of being out in a snowfall are too good to pass up. Just suit up and get out there, they say!



Who can argue with smiles like that? Look at those overjoyed arms and happy feet! Money can’t buy happiness like falling snow, Just Saying.

At the same time, don’t forget to go on forays to find piles of snow in the days following a snowstorm. Students found in this pile of clean snow from plowing the basketball court whole worlds of fun, even after all the other snow had melted away. We enjoyed this ephemeral pile for an entire class period. I had to pull them away: thank goodness lunch was next, or I wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on!


And even in an inch of snow there is enough fun to be had if you have sleds on hand. Our students didn’t mind finding patches of snow to sled on, or building areas up for sledding. The grass may be poking through, but we are still sledding until we see dirt. Don’t wait for the “perfect sledding snowfall,” sled anytime, they say!


Remember:  When it snows, no need to plan an activity. Just get out there and enjoy it.

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