Earth Day: Project Clean Steam SUCCESS

pcs-logo-e1353525393829This Earth Day the students and teachers of the Waldorf School of Baltimore took action and engaged in Project Clean Stream. The 5th through 8th grades departed school grounds at 11:45 to a trash-laden site on the Jones Falls Trail. The site was identified by one of our 7th grade students a few weeks prior while on a family walk. We picnicked, explored, and then began our intensive cleanup. We ended up leaving the site with 15 bags full of garbage and 7 bags of recycling. Coach Harrington came down and picked up the bags afterwards (which filled his entire truck bed). The pictures below do not do justice to the difference we made, but rest assured, the difference is a clear as night and day.

Here are before photos of our site:

And here are after photos:

And here are our process photos:

The clean up crew:


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