WSB’s Growing Schoolyard

Next time you’re around check out some of WSB’s new schoolyard features!IMG_3983
Humble, cheap, and loads of fun, Straw Mountain is already a recess favorite. At only $2 a bale every schoolyard should be loaded with them. Straw bales are great in that students can create “straw pools,” pirate ship planks, and they can be rearranged into endless configurations.  Our 3rd grade class helped move and construct Straw Mountain during their Nature Study class.

Over the last couple of weeks during Forest Aftercare students have helped beautify the school grounds by spreading mulch around all the school’s trees, benches, and climbing boulders. The more students participate in beautifying the schoolyard the more they appreciate it and being outside.

Big thanks to the Baumgartner family for delivering the straw over the weekend. And another shout out to the Stancill family for donating the large mulch pile last spring that is slowing making its way around the schoolyard.

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