Introducing WSB’s New Forest Aftercare Program

DSC_6468Starting this school year WSB’s Aftercare Program will have some exciting new features….
In addition to his role as our Sustainability Coordinator and Nature Study teacher, Michel Anderson, will be our Forest Aftercare Coordinator. As the title implies, Mr. Anderson, will be taking our 1st – 8th grade aftercare students into the school’s adjacent forest everyday after school. Shelters and seating will be set up so they can go out in (almost) every weather condition. The program will be free in form, but students will have access to a variety of forest guides and nature-based activities. Though we will spend the afternoons exploring and observing the forest, homework time will still be available. As is typical at our school, please ensure that students come prepared to be outdoors in all weather conditions.

Waldorf School Aftercare Registration Deadline August 15
If you have not yet signed up for aftercare but plan to do so, aftercare registration is still open. To register, go to Aftercare Registration. If you already have an account for aftercare with TADS, just log in. Otherwise, create a new account. The registration deadline is August 15. After August 15, space can not be guaranteed and there is a $50 late registration fee.
Michel Anderson will coordinate the aftercare program and work with the older group of students. We welcome Melissa Montoya who will work with the younger group of students.

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