Help Needed: Summer Hens & Bamboo Poles

BlueberriesHello! Did you know that this year our Parents Association donated funds to help WSB purchase 16 blueberry bushes as well as a few thornless blackberry and raspberry plants? Next time you’re around be sure to check out the new blueberry grove near the willow tunnel. We got different varieties that bloom at the very beginning of June and the very end of August so our students should be able to enjoy them before and after summer break! We love blueberries, and, unfortunately, so do deer. We have the netting but we are in need of a bunch of bamboo poles that are about 5′ tall. Do you happen to have a rampant amount of bamboo growing in your yard?

WSB’s three hens, Gumball, Richard, and Darwin, are in need of a summer home! Might you be interested? WSB will supply you with plenty of food and straw (and even the coop if need be), and the hens will supply you with a summer full of fun and eggs. You need only to make sure they have food and water and plenty of space to peck about.

Please be in touch if you can help!
Contact: Michel Anderson.

2 thoughts on “Help Needed: Summer Hens & Bamboo Poles

  1. Mr. Anderson,

    The Cumming family offers to hen-sit for the summer. We have about 3/4 acre and plenty of space for the chicken coop. I would just have to convince the Baumgartners to deliver the coop to Finksburg in their pickup. Thanks,

    Scott Cumming 443.821.1341

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