Our Enhanced Schoolyard Plan is Taking Root!

Last week WSB’s 5th grade furthered our Enhanced Schoolyard Plan by getting the stones laid for a permaculture herb spiral. It’s not complete yet, but the initial, heavy steps have been conquered!

“The idea behind herb spirals is fairly simple: Building a circular bed with spiraled walls creates a collection of microclimates, with varying degrees of sun exposure, drainage, and the opportunity to separate bad companions and neighbor friendly plants. In a tiny space, less than six square meters, it’s possible to grow a variety of herbs that might otherwise have to be spread throughout a property. The herb spiral lets gardeners do it in one spot.” (from The Permaculture Research Institute)
Below is a diagram of what the herb spiral will look like when it’s completed this spring, and THIS printable PDF is a good guide to making your own herb spiral at home.
Herb-spiral-designIn other news, the Green Dragon Action Team meet up for their first meeting this last Wednesday. With their help, along with the dirty hands of our students and volunteer EcoCrew, WSB’s schoolyard is set to become a symbol of sustainable land stewardship for the Coldspring Community and beyond.

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