4th & 5th Grade Camping on Wye Island

Last week, WSB’s 4th & 5th grade classes camped together on Wye Island for 3 days. The island is located in the tidal recesses of the Chesapeake Bay. During the trip our students fully immerse themselves within Maryland’s complex ecosystem. Despite the rain (and between the s’mores), our days were packed with activities. . . . We took numerous nature hikes (one to a 300 year old holly tree), canoed in the Wye River, did a service project for the Department of Natural Resources, had a visit from Scales & Tails (a wild animal refuge project), and even sailed on a skipjack!
The week before our 8th grade class took a week-long camping trip to the Living Earth School in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia (see photos in our facebook album). WSB’s camping trips are an integral part of our curriculum because they bridge our students’ academic work with hands-on experience. These trips are so vitally important because they deepen our students’ love, respect, and understanding, of their relationship with the natural world. And it is through nurturing this internal wisdom to blossom within them that we are confident they will use their growing knowledge and power to heal the wounded planet they are inheriting, the act of which will be their generation’s greatest challenge and promise.
Please enjoy the following photos taken on the Wye Island trip:

Check out more photos of last year’s 5th grade class on a similar trip in 2013: https://sustainablewaldorf.com/2013/05/13/5th-grade-camping-trip-on-wye-island/

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