Adult Workshop on Indoor Anaerobic Composting 5/27 @ 8:30am

Bokashi Composting is a method that allows you to compost indoors, at a rapid pace, with only a small amount of outdoor space. Come to the Waldorf School of Baltimore on Tuesday 5/27 @ 8:30am for a 1 hour workshop that will give you the confidence to tackle this great feat on your own! Your WSB student knows how to do it — now so can you!

One lucky participant will win a WSB Composting System; and twelve participants will be able to purchase a WSB Composting System for $30. Bring a drill if you have one! If interested, please bring a check payable to Waldorf School of Baltimore. All proceeds will benefit WSB’s Green Projects.

Click on the flyer below for more details….Coffee BOKASHI 5-27-14

2 thoughts on “Adult Workshop on Indoor Anaerobic Composting 5/27 @ 8:30am

  1. Hello,

    I have a small vegetable garden in my backyard and would like to learn more about compost for my gardening. My vegetables have not been growing well the past few years. I think the nutrients in the soil are not being replenished, because of the soil I use. I did some research on the internet and learned about green and brown compost. I just started collecting grass cuttings in a compost bin (rubber trash can). Could you give me some tips on how to affordably create compost for a small garden?


    • Hi Alisha. Creating a compost area in your backyard is relatively easy. Though each yard has it’s own opportunities and constraints to work with. If your space is limited you may want to look into a tumbler compost bin. The main thing is to keep the carbon/nitrogen ratio balanced. A simple google search will have that info for you. Good luck!

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