Kiva Update: Dec 2013

Kiva-holidayToday, WSB was able to make another $25 KIVA loan! The loan was made with money repaid to us and was lent to a group of 7 people in Vietnam. The group members will be using the funds to build a septic system & hand-washing station in their homes. Read their story by clicking on the photo below:
KivaVietSince November of 2012 our lending team has lent over $1050 to people in over 73 counties. Check out our Impact Report HERE. (Hint: If you’re already a member, check in on your account . . . chances are you have a loan repayment that you can re-lend!)
In the months to follow we will be coupling this project with our TerraCycle program to involve our Student Council. You can join us by visiting our team page: Waldorf International Community. If you choose to make a $25 loan, WSB’s Student Council will be able to lend out another $25 on behalf of a 3rd party lender (effectively doubling your loan). Please consider joining us on KIVA!
Also! … consider giving the gift that gives back … a KIVA Card makes a great gift this Holiday Season!

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