KIVA Loan Update

1255997Greetings! I just wanted to update you on our KIVA micro-lending program. So here it goes….
As of right now we have 11 members in our Waldorf International Community lending team — some are WSB parents and some are people from the greater Waldorf Community. In total, we have 14 loans attributed to the team which totals out to $425! This all started only 6 weeks ago with the Waldorf School of Baltimore’s initial loan of $25! Our team has lent money to people all over the world: Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal, Samoa, Iraq, and the Philippines. And some of us have already started getting repayments on our loans.
If you’re interested in joining, please read about our work with KIVA in THIS former blog post. For everyone who joins our team and lends someone $25, WSB gets another $25 bonus to lend out — effectively doubling your loan! Click the image above to start lending. Remember, your loan of $25 goes a long way in some of these underprivileged countries and really helps out a lot of people. Thank you for your support! And have a wonderful weekend.

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