Greening Your Holiday

fairieSeasons Greetings! The time is upon us and I just want to toss out some last minute ideas and resources to you in the interest of greening your holiday…

  • GIFT IDEAS! Support starving artists! Check out It’s chock full of high-quality, handmade goods. And you can narrow your search to “local” if you’re feeling extra green. Or give a KIVA Card! (you can read about WSB’s relationship with KIVA in this blog). And of course visit our school store! We stock a variety of green, socially-responsible  gifts.
  • USE BNOTES! Did you know Baltimore has its own local currency? When you shop at participating shops ask for your change in BNotes and use them at other participating shops. Wanna know more? …read about our green currency HERE.
  • GIFT WRAPPING! Of course you are going to recycle your wrapping paper, but how about not using any? Years ago a good friend of mine wrapped all her gifts in sheets and linens, and ever since I’ve been doing the same. Give it a try! And did you know you can make a nice bow out of yarn?
  • LIGHTS! You probably already have your house and tree decorated, but if you are in the market for more lights get LED ones. They’re safer, last longer, and use less electricity.
  • FOOD! When possible shop local, organic, and buy what’s in season. Our farmers market on 32nd Street in Waverly is open year round. Check it out next Saturday!

So that’s my short, quick list for you. If you have any more green ideas please share them and leave a comment below!

Happy Holidays,

2 thoughts on “Greening Your Holiday

  1. Thank you for your timely ideas, Michel! I love the part about green wrapping. I often wrap my gifts in reusable bags. They look great and they are useful all year round. My family, especially, loves their reusable bags. Last year I wrapped presents in big IKEA blue bags tied with raffia. Everyone I gave the bags to found some interesting use for them- yoga mat tote, firewood hauler, Christmas Gift carrier, laundry bag, moving boxes (they are awesome for moving!) etc. This year I’m wrapping everything in wide mouth Mason jars with a little tissue paper or fabric. I love mason jars! They come in so many sizes and I use them for everything- leftovers, my lunch, dry goods, craft supplies, etc! Every year I look for something that is “a good, useful thing” I use in my daily life that I can also use as wrapping. Reusable bags cost about a dollar, same with Mason jars, and Blue IKEA bags. Either option is not much more expensive than buying one time use paper, boxes, and bows- and everyone always reuses the packaging!

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