Classroom Composting

As of this week we’ve made a few changes to our ongoing composting initiative at WSB. . . .
We are now composting in the classroom. Each room has a perforated clear jar to keep their food waste and two students will be responsible for keeping an eye on it. Throughout the year the two students will shift as their teacher deems appropriate. All (age-appropriate) students will cut their food scraps into small pieces with kitchen sheers before placing it into the jar. A little water and a small handful of wood chips will be added daily to balance the nitrogen of the food with carbon. When the jar fills the two students will bring it outside and place it in our tumbler or into one of our compost bins. This winter we will start bokashi composting as well. More information about that, and how you can start to do the same in your home, will be posted when the project gets underway.

3 thoughts on “Classroom Composting

  1. When I was in 4th grade, someone squashed a sandwich into a soda bottle. The teacher was so mad when no one would confess to the crime that she set it on her desk and said we would have to look at it until someone confessed. I guess it’s not a punishment anymore 🙂 Nice work Waldorf!

  2. Silly me! I never thought to keep a jar of wood chips or sawdust right next to my compost jar in the kitchen … all the better to get the right balance of materials at the start. Thanks for the unintended tip. If only I had had a Waldorf education, I might have imagined such a simple solution!

  3. My daughter Julia explained the set up to me right after school yesterday. She is so excited to create the same set up at our house!

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